Crochet Plans for 2021

by Dee


2020 was a crappy year, nobody argues with that. Of course, there are things to be grateful for that perhaps reflect on a more personal basis. Looking back at 2020 from the beginning is really difficult but then I thought maybe it’s better if I try to count on the blessings I have during that shit year.

It’s difficult to start 2021 with a jolly mood. To be honest, I have a low expectation about 2021 considering that this will be the year following the start of the pandemic. Anything can happen—we might end up with a worse or better situation, and nobody knows. But I don’t have a wishful thinking-y type of “resolution” for 2021. I just want to ride the year until it’s 2022.

Having low expectation does not mean that I won’t anticipate busy transcribing schedule. English transcription proved itself to be a little bit more sustainable than my old job, especially during the pandemic. I’m actually looking forward to having another busy year in 2021. But we’ll see… perhaps AI will take over my work in 2021? I don’t know.

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Crocheting in 2021

But we’re here to talk about crocheting in 2021. I didn’t have a lot of crochet time in 2020, only sporadically in between the interim moments where deadlines were done. I did start several projects during these interims and perhaps, this year is a good one to possibly finish some of them. The projects I started were a blouse, several scarves and shawls, some doilies, and one massive blanket project.

Since 2019 I was involved in the Konmari effort and deep clean my possessions. I’ve gotten rid of clothes and books in the last half of 2019 and the first half of 2020. I’ve rearranged my yarn stash and managed to abstain myself from purchasing any new yarns during 2020. The pandemic sort of helped me achieve this milestone. I didn’t buy any new yarns for 365 days—and that is amazing. I might continue abstaining from purchasing new yarns this year. Okay, perhaps with exceptions of if my current-project yarns run out. But I won’t be making huge purchases for personal use.

I’m also not really sure about re-starting my Scheepjes Whirl pre-order sessions. I mean, have you look at the exchange rates nowadays?! It’s mind-blowingly outrageous! £1 is now IDR 19,000! It’s ridiculous, and I don’t have the heart to slap my customers with more than IDR 460,000 for the Scheepjes Whirl series. Heck, even I can’t enjoy purchasing Scheepjes if the exchange rate is that high. Nope, nope. It doesn’t spark joy at all.

I came across Lidia’s channel last year and decided to start her dentelle blouse project. It looks like an effortless project, and I love the texture produced by the pattern. I’m currently continuing the project now and I will update as soon as it’s finished.

Finding the time

Reflecting on the last two years’ work schedules, I figured that I can sneak in crocheting time here and there in between deadlines. Actually, the main problem is keeping myself checked and on-track with all the deadlines. This is where better time management must come in.

I’ve been thinking about staycation type of thing, you know, just to get another atmosphere in my pandemic-restricted daily life. I don’t dare to become irresponsible and travel for the sake of travelling—as in non-essential travelling—in times like these. I’m selfish, but not that selfish.

Why? Because I think I can reset myself from burnout if I can do a staycation. But even staycation is a risk. So, maybe scratch that out as well? Oh, dear scientists, please make haste on solving this. I’m relying on you all. Wuhan and New Zealand seem to return to normal—good for them, I envy them. But understanding that it’s all a process, I shall remain patient.

I was supposed to talk crochet but I talked pandemic again in this post. Tsk! Well, it’s my reality—our reality that’s somehow entwined within the stitches. Okay, yes. I will have to work on my time management thingamajig and allocate enough time for crocheting—without staying late, without interfering with the work hours.

What about you? Any new projects coming up to your mind to start in 2021?

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