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Epiphany & Decision

by Dee
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In this world of false hope, uncertainty, future-less dreams I have decided to go on with the yarn&craft store I am about to establish within the next two months. I will also take up part-time jobs, possibly as a translator- discarding my degree altogether and embrace this other path of life. I am done with all stuck up ‘witches and warlocks’ (figure of speech, i don’t disregard fellow nature worshiper) with lame reasons like, “oh but you have so much talent and skill.” Bite your tongue! Because no one over here understands the meaning of skills and/or talent and how to appreciate it. So, I am taking off my toga, folding it neatly, and putting it in the deepest and darkest corner of the cupboard after this last fieldwork. No one will miss me. They will do just fine without me. And as for me, no more mumbo-jumbo talks about wearing that toga anymore.

Be peaceful,

create craft and art.


Today I am revealing the logo of my new division of yarn&craft store. Taraaah…

It will be the basic logo for everything: yarn label, yarn tag, price tag, website, business card, stickers, and whatnot. I am sooooooooooooooooo excited! This just feels better than sitting around waiting for fieldwork to commence every other projects and got discarded when you’re NOT ACTUALLY PHYSICALLY ILL. I mean, seriously: what makes them think that my way of thinking is different NOW than it already has?? HAHAHAHA. I laugh at your stupidity.

Focus, focus: yarn&craft store!

In my plan, there will be: nylons, cottons, rayons, soft cottons, ribbons, beads, leather cords, and what-have-you stuff as the selection. Quite a wide range of selection, I know. That is why I am starting SMALL. After a lot of pondering and calculation, nylons, big ply cotton, and rayons are coming up first. Plus this one brand of yarn that I don’t quite know the type is…. I know it has acrylics in it.

Tomorrow I will be leaving on my LAST on-field trip.

I dare not to IMAGINE there will be more on-field trip in the future, so let’s just grasp what’s in front of my eyes presently. Yarn&Craft Store!

So, wish me luck, peeps!

See you in a month!

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