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Nowadays, when virtual meetings become more dominant in our lives, transcription becomes even more important to store information. Nevertheless, transcribing by ear is still the best way to produce highly accurate notes to extract as many information as you can. As a freelance English transcriber, I can help you turn your audio or video recordings into text documents for your needs.

Why transcribe?

Transcripts are very useful for research analysis, information archiving, writing articles, accessibility, and SEO optimisation in various topics

  • Dyah's work was perfect. She was very fast and has an excellent command of English. I plan to use her services again and would highly recommend her to others.

    Laura M., USA,
    Transcription of one hour interview
  • Working with Dyah was effortless for us. She was prompt, warm-hearted and really took pride in our project. Her work was wonderful and her attention to small details was terrific. We would work with her again anytime!

    Rick G., USA,
    Transcription service for a new book project
  • Dyah was a superb transcriber. She worked on a transcription of an academic project. I was totally happy with her work and would recommend her at any time!

    Marcel D., DE,
    Transcription 5 Hours of Interviews (English)
  • Dyah continues to be an incredibly good freelancer. She consistently delivers excellent work on time and with minimal supervision. Thank you for all your help!

    Jack M., AU,
    Hours of yoga transcription [Nov 2, 2018 - Nov 19, 2020]
  • Dyah did terrific work transcribing a set of qualitative interviews for grant-funded research for a large U.S. museum institution. I honestly couldn't have done this research work without her help!

    Cathlin G., USA,
    Transcription Services 15-18 Interviews
  • Dyah was great. She delivered on time. The transcription was very professional, ready to insert to anywhere, no editing needed. Will definitely hire again.

    Jay H., USA,
    Transcriber needed for a video

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