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I’m back with another rendition of a pattern I found on Pinterest. This time, I made two shawls using one pattern with Ice Yarn’s Cake Cotton Fine. I call this pattern: Millefolia.

Millefolia is a shawl pattern that I found on Pinterest. To get something out of the way before I continue writing about this shawl, I would like to credit the pattern to someone. But unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find the original creator. The original picture on Pinterest was not listed as Millefolia. The name Millefolia is my title for this project, cause it’s, you know, has leaves and it’s plenty of leaves. Hence the name: Millefolia.

The pattern I found was in form of a chart using crochet symbols. It’s very easy to follow and there are many variations of this pattern on Pinterest. The one that I saved was this one. I seriously don’t know how to credit the original creator properly, and it bugs me because I think giving credit is important. Anyways, from this point on, I will refer to this shawl as Millefolia, my rendition of the original pattern.

I made two shawls with this pattern. I used Ice Yarns Cake Cotton Fine with Tulip Gold crochet hook size 5/0. As I said, the pattern is very easy. It’s worked top-down and it’s also easy to determine the mid-point of the shawl so I didn’t get lost. You know, some shawl patterns have intricate mid-point that I got lost in the middle of the project. As I broke down the pattern anatomy, this pattern consists of 10 initial rows which repeat to the desired width or length.

The border part was a little bit mind-numbing for me because I can’t decide which border style I wanted to use. But then I freestyled my border, and of course, I forgot to write them down. I obviously need to make another one and write the border pattern as well. Let’s see, I might do that. In the meantime, here are the latest from my hooks. 

While making the green shawl, I was feeling like I want to play with beads and use them as fringe ornaments. Aligning with the earthy tone of the shawl, I chose some wooden beads and made three tassels from the leftover yarns. Luckily, I had enough leftovers from this cake yarn to make three–I thought I’d be outsourcing to other types of yarn, which is so not cool.

Adding tassels into a shawl is not my favourite thing to do because I’m always anxious on how I should sew them correctly, so that they don’t get loose and disarticulated during washing or drying. That would be a disaster! I made sure I attached the tassels tight enough with several dead-end knots to make sure they don’t fall off.

It was really fun making these two shawls. The pattern is practically self-repeating, you don’t have to go back and forth looking at the chart. I made these two as I was watching TV series or crime shows on YouTube. I first made one shawl with the green Cake Cotton Fine, and then the red for my mum’s birthday present, which is tomorrow! 

I feel that this pattern would look awesome too if I use Scheepjes Whirl. Maybe that’s my next project. Gee, you don’t want to know how many patterns are there on my ‘next project’ folder right now. I hope I can find the time to work on all of them, and I’ll be sure to update here when I’m done with it. 

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