Scheepjes Whirl Inspiration

by Dee


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Scheepjes Whirl has been an inspiration for a long time. It’s been a year since my eyes were set on this premium yarn, namely Scheepjes Whirl. I feared a little that the yarn wouldn’t be friendly to me because it has acrylic as one of its ingredients. But I was wrong, and this time, I love it to be wrong. Scheepjes Whirl is a mix between 60% cotton and 40% acrylic, so I think it’ll be fine with me. I asked one of my colleagues to bring it back to Indonesia on his next visit. It took me a month of pondering and choosing from the complete Scheepjes Whirl catalogue, and I fixed my decision on Rosewater Cocktail No. 776. I finally made a request in January 2018 to my colleague to bring me that one from Rascol, and I will pay it back in rupiah for his amenities in Salatiga.

Three months later, the French team arrived in Jakarta. I kept my cool and not asking noisily about the yarn because we had work to do. It was a joint event called Human Origin Heritage held by MNHN and UKSW Salatiga. After hustling ourselves towards Salatiga, my colleague handed me the marvellously coloured Rosewater Cocktail, and I was stunned. It’s such beautiful yarn. I couldn’t wait to wrap my hook around it and create something nice. In the end, I was too tied up with the work I had to do during the event, and I couldn’t find the time to be alone with my yarn. Not to mention all the kerfuffle that happened in the last days of the event—it was physically and mentally exhausting. I just couldn’t wait to come home and play with yarns.

Scheepjes Whirl Inspirations

Coming back from Salatiga, I started hunting for patterns and I needed inspirations. So, I go to Pinterest–the dangerous rabbit hole without any U-turn. I stuck my head on Pinterest and couldn’t get out, although I managed to find some fabulous patterns and designs along the way. Still, I couldn’t decide. In fact, I will show some of the patterns I found in this post to remind me of what is possible to make using Scheepjes Whirl. I call this my Scheepjes Whirl inspiration board.

Okay, so I made my Scheepjes Whirl inspiration board, and then what? Oh, yeah. And then I crochet. Let’s see how long it takes for me to make a decision and finally resulting in something. It’s August now, and I still can’t decide. But I do find an Australian shop that sells Scheepjes Whirl, and I decided to open up a pre-order session in my shop to get them imported. The first session went very well—I’ve got a lot of orders, and right now, all of the yarns already went to its rightful owners. I might open another pre-order session, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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