Hi there! I’m Dee, a seasoned transcriptionist based in Indonesia. I’ve been providing top-notch transcription services to exceptional individuals from various fields and backgrounds worldwide since 2018. My mother tongue is Bahasa Indonesia, and my English fluency comes from years of experience in my previous career.

Transcripts serve multiple purposes, including research analysis, information archiving, article writing, accessibility assurance, and SEO optimization. However, the process of creating transcripts can be arduous and time-consuming. Allow me to aid you in converting your audio recordings to text documents, freeing your time to tackle other essential tasks.

I provide white-glove English transcription services that involve creating transcripts manually without any AI assistance. My expertise lies in general transcription for academic or research interviews and transcribing speeches of a single speaker. I am also proficient in producing long-form transcripts.

Freelance English Transcriber


I specialise in converting audio or video recordings into well-crafted written transcripts, ensuring that every word is captured with precision. My skills in various accents and fields guarantee accurate transcriptions that cater to your specific requirements. 

I offer precise and dependable transcriptions for various industries and domains. With my white-glove service, you’ll receive meticulous attention to detail, prompt delivery, and confidentiality. Whether it’s academic research interviews, business meetings, or lectures, I handle each assignment professionally and accurately.

Pick a service that matches your need

I’m offering three types of no-fuss English transcription service tailored for you. All three services are suitable for students, researchers, business professionals, podcasters, writers, journalists, and others. Pick one that suits you and hit the GET A QUOTE button to start a project with me. 

Single-speaker Transcripts

Suitable for dictation, personal brainstorming notes, lectures, single presentation without Q&A, and single podcast episodes.

TAT: 24-48 hrs.
Starts at US$ 0.6/audio minute

Multi-speakers Transcripts

Suitable for interviews, Zoom/virtual meetings, focus group discussions, webcasts, webinars, presentations with Q&A, etc.

TAT: 24-48 hrs.
Starts at US$ 0.75/audio minute

Rush & Urgent Transcripts

Reasonably timed rush project is suitable for any type of audio/video, with up to 3 speakers, and a maximum of 90 mins recording.

TAT: 12-24hrs.
Starts at US$ 1.5/audio minute

Customisation includes:

Timestamps: inserting timestamps every X minute or inserting timestamps every speaker changes.

Line numbering: You can also ask me to insert line numbers into your transcript.

Please communicate your preferred style of transcripts clearly to avoid confusion.

Work Process

Send the Files

File sharing options are available from Google Drive, Dropbox, and WeTransfer. Files of any size are accepted.
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Step 1


I'll transform your audio files into text documents manually with no AI intervention.
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Step 2

Quality Check

Checking grammar, typo, and punctuation before sending in the final transcript. Of course, with the assistance of Grammarly.
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Step 3


Sending final transcripts as Microsoft Word or PDF files to agreed file sharing method.
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Step 4


The average turnaround time for good quality audio files is 24 hours. However, I value quality over speed and I ensure that each audio file is meticulously edited to meet your standards. Please keep in mind that my workload may vary from time to time, so I recommend that you get in touch with me first to discuss scheduling details.

Working in a multi-time zone structure is not a problem for me. I have the necessary experience and adaptability to handle any challenges that may arise. I am also proficient in remote collaboration and meeting tools, such as video conferencing and messaging apps. Therefore, I can confidently say that I am well-equipped to thrive in a multi-time zone environment.

It’s understandable to feel the urge to bypass the payment systems on online freelance platforms, such as Upwork and Fiverr. However, it’s important to adhere to the payment methods mandated by these platforms to ensure fairness and safety.

On the other hand, if you choose to work with me directly, I would suggest utilizing PayPal or WISE as the payment option. These reliable services allow for a seamless transfer of funds, enabling us to focus more on the project and less on the payment process.

Send me a message today at dee.prastiningtyas@gmail.com to learn more about how my transcription service can benefit you and your organisation. I look forward to hearing from you!

A day in a life of a transcriber...

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