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The writer, the crocheter, and the freelancer

About Me - Ben Nevis

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The Writer

I’m the one responsible for this website. I’m a full-time English transcriber with UniChamp GmbH (, and I welcome opportunities to transcribe for new clients. I’m open to collaborating with individuals from around the world.

I love reading, and I love writing. As you know, English is my second language, and I wish to keep advancing my writing skills. Unfortunately, I can no longer contribute to writing scientific journal articles. However, I can still use and adapt the style to develop my way of writing.

The pandemic caused me to revisit many of my old writings and how my English writing skills evolved throughout the years. This happened when I got bored because I had nothing else to do when the lockdown hit. The essays, articles, post entries, whatever—included in this website are worthy of the past sixteen years of my life. It has ups and downs and everything in between. 

The journey continues now as I find it necessary to keep practising my writing so I don’t forget how to do it. By the way, I often use stock images because I am not a good photographer. Hence, I tend to rely on using stock images and, of course, mentioning credits when they are due.

The Crocheter

There is something special about crocheting. I started crocheting in junior high school because it was a part of our Home Economics curriculum, apart from cooking. I was instantly hooked and kept cropping for the rest of my teenage life.

I stopped crocheting when I got to college simply because I couldn’t manage the time between fieldwork, thesis, and being a college student. I picked up crocheting again in 2010, a little after returning from Sheffield. I have continued crocheting ever since.

Crocheting is not only a hobby for me; it has a therapeutic effect. I love the tranquillity surrounding me whenever I crochet. Of course, finishing a crochet project is always satisfying. However, crochet is about understanding the process of producing a piece of garment or an item. I could get lost for hours crocheting, and it is a bad idea to talk to me whenever I do a stitch count. Consider yourself warned. 

About the Crocheter
About the Freelancer

In my previous office

The Freelancer

Come to think of it, I have been a freelancer since 2010. I worked as a freelance osteoarchaeologist for the Archaeological Services in Jakarta. I also participated with several other branches of offices from 2012 to 2017. Reality hits, and then I have to change gears and shift my direction elsewhere. That is when I decided to become an English transcriber on Upwork. I have utilised Upwork daily since mid-2018 and met most clients there.

Becoming a freelancer is all about taking control of my own life and steering towards my own goals and achievements without forgetting my work ethic. Precision, accuracy, punctuality, and honesty are the most important things I value about my work—archaeology or transcription. 

I plan to write much about this new journey as an English transcriber and share my stories. I have written some, but of course, writing is also a process that takes time. In the meantime, check out my work profile and find out what English transcription services I offer.


Feel free to use the form below if you’d like to contact me about anything. Thank you for visiting, and I hope you have a good time reading some of my writings. Perhaps some can have a good impact on someone somewhere.

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